Brooklyn Shamrocks GFC
The Committee
  1. Tommy has unfortunately retired from his playing days and takes up the role of club president and team manager. nicknamed "The gaffer" you will regularly find him running up and down the line in Gaelic Park or else attempting to keep his balance on a stool in the Cuckoo's nest, several bottles of Amstel Light deep.
    Tommy McConvey
    Club President
  2. Darragh holds down the fort at midfield for the Brooklyn Shamrocks when not attending to his civic duties. he aids the president in any way necessary. he can be regularly found at his local haunt, The Halal Cart in Brooklyn or else cuddles up to Niall "Chunky" Cunningham on the couch on a cold winters night.
    Darragh Dobbin
    Club Vice-President
  3. Marty assists the gaffer with the trainings and managerial decisions. All be it a quiet man, we suspect he calls the shots and has McConvey voice the orders. Also a good man for a lift for the Brooklyn boys.
    Martin Rooney
    Club Secretary
  4. JJ is a sports man through and through. A man of many talents which he displays through the variety of jobs he undertakes. he is currently writing and producing hard knocks for the Brooklyn Shamrocks. Unfortunately he is from Sligo.
    JJ Devaney
    Media Director
  5. Niall "Chunky" Cunningham is our very own Paul Galvin. His talent is evident through his designs and dress sense. In saying that his greatest achievement to date is "The Beard".
    Niall Cunningham
    Minister for Fashion